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ServiceStack's .NET Core Utility Belt

Our web (and app) .NET Core tools are a versatile invaluable companion for all ServiceStack developers where it’s jam packed with functionality to power a number of exciting scenarios where it serves as a Sharp App delivery platform where they can be run as a .NET Core Windows Desktop App with app or as a cross-platform Web App launcher using web and we’ve already how it’s now a #Script runner with web run and into a Live #Script playground with web watch.

They also contain all features from our @servicestack/cli npm tools so you’ll no longer need npm to create ServiceStack projects or Add/Update ServiceStack References.

To access available features, install with:

$ dotnet tool install --global web 

Or if you had a previous version installed, update with:

$ dotnet tool update -g web

The Windows-only app tool has better integration with Windows that can power .NET Core Windows Desktop Apps.

Then run web without any arguments to view Usage:

$ web

  web new                     List available Project Templates
  web new <template> <name>   Create New Project From Template

  web <lang>                  Update all ServiceStack References in directory (recursive)
  web <file>                  Update existing ServiceStack Reference (e.g. dtos.cs)
  web <lang>     <url> <file> Add ServiceStack Reference and save to file name
  web csharp     <url>        Add C# ServiceStack Reference         (Alias 'cs')
  web typescript <url>        Add TypeScript ServiceStack Reference (Alias 'ts')
  web swift      <url>        Add Swift ServiceStack Reference      (Alias 'sw')
  web java       <url>        Add Java ServiceStack Reference       (Alias 'ja')
  web kotlin     <url>        Add Kotlin ServiceStack Reference     (Alias 'kt')
  web dart       <url>        Add Dart ServiceStack Reference       (Alias 'da')
  web fsharp     <url>        Add F# ServiceStack Reference         (Alias 'fs')
  web vbnet      <url>        Add VB.NET ServiceStack Reference     (Alias 'vb')
  web tsd        <url>        Add TypeScript Definition ServiceStack Reference

  web +                       Show available gists
  web +<name>                 Write gist files locally, e.g:
  web +init                   Create empty .NET Core 2.2 ServiceStack App
  web + #<tag>                Search available gists
  web gist <gist-id>          Write all Gist text files to current directory

  web run <name>.ss           Run #Script within context of AppHost   (or <name>.html)
  web watch <name>.ss         Watch #Script within context of AppHost (or <name>.html)

  web run                     Run Sharp App in App folder using local app.settings
  web run path/app.settings   Run Sharp App at folder containing specified app.settings

  web list                    List available Sharp Apps            (Alias 'l')
  web gallery                 Open Sharp App Gallery in a Browser  (Alias 'g')
  web install <name>          Install Sharp App                    (Alias 'i')

  web publish                 Package Sharp App to /publish ready for deployment (.NET Core Required)
  web publish-exe             Package self-contained .exe Sharp App to /publish  (.NET Core Embedded)

  web shortcut                Create Shortcut for Sharp App
  web shortcut <name>.dll     Create Shortcut for .NET Core App

  dotnet tool update -g web   Update to latest version

    -h, --help, ?             Print this message
    -v, --version             Print this version
    -d, --debug               Run in Debug mode for Development
    -r, --release             Run in Release mode for Production
    -s, --source              Change GitHub Source for App Directory
    -f, --force               Quiet mode, always approve, never prompt
        --clean               Delete downloaded caches
        --verbose             Display verbose logging

Add/Update ServiceStack References

This shows us we can Add a ServiceStack Reference with web <lang> <baseurl> which will let us create a TypeScript Reference to the new World Validation App using its ts file extension alias:

$ web ts http://validation.web-app.io

Saved to: dtos.ts

Or create a C# ServiceStack Reference with:

$ web cs http://validation.web-app.io

Saved to: dtos.cs

To update run web <lang> which will recursively update all existing ServiceStack References:

$ web ts

Updated: dtos.ts

Create new Projects with web new

See web new for info on how to create new projects.

Mix/Match ASP.NET Core projects with web +

See web + for how to mix/match gists to “layer on” functionality to create customized ASP.NET Core projects.


web: command not found

If after installing the dotnet web tool it fails with bash: web: command not found you’ll need to add dotnet tools to your PATH which you can do in Linux Bash with:

$ echo "export PATH=\$HOME/.dotnet/tools:\$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc
$ . ~/.bashrc

SSL Connection Errors

To resolve SSL Connection errors you can try commenting out ssl_conf = ssl_sect, e.g:

$ sudo vi /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf

Comment out line in vi using a # prefix, write changes and quit:


If that doesn’t resolve the issue you can try updating the local ca-certificates:

$ sudo update-ca-certificates --fresh

Or try updating the SSL_CERT Environment variables before running the tool again:

export SSL_CERT_FILE=/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
export SSL_CERT_DIR=/dev/null

Finally you can try running the web tool with the --ignore-ssl-errors switch, e.g:

$ web new vue-lite VueLite --ignore-ssl-errors