Real World Performance

We maintain a list of external benchmark results here people have been experiencing to provide an idea of the relative performance you can expect from real-world usage:

Get 25k rows from MS SQL Express and convert to JSON

EF & JSON.NET                         2300ms
EF [AsNoTracking] & JSON.NET           973ms
EF [AsNoTracking] & ServiceStack       809ms
Simple.Data & JSON.NET                1598ms
Simple.Data & ServiceStack             933ms
ServiceStack.OrmLite & JSON.NET        405ms
ServiceStack.OrmLite & ServiceStack    245ms

ServiceStack vs WebApi client / server end-to-end results

ServiceStack                 9667ms
WebApi                      30407ms

GitHub project for the benchmarks are at:

ServiceStack: a good alternative to WCF (French)

ServiceStack                    19s
WCF Data Services (Optimized)   28s
WCF Data Services               48s

One thing that I was completely surprised by today was the performance of the open source ServiceStack.NET frameworks. Even with the performance tuned release of JSON.NET I found that ServiceStack.Text beat it by a rediculous margin. It serialises 2x faster and deserialises 4x faster.

Redis vs RavenDB – Benchmarks for .NET Client NoSQL Solutions

Redis (Cygwin)                254ms
Redis (Cygwin + fsync)        543ms
Raven DB                     2983ms