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Embedded UMD @servicestack/client

A UMD version of the https://github.com/ServiceStack/servicestack-client JavaScript client library that contains the TypeScript Service and SSE Clients is now embedded in ServiceStack.dll. It’s the modern, dependency-free replacement to ss-utils.js which requires jQuery which is used instead in all SPA Project Templates.

The embedded UMD version allows for the creation of stand-alone pages that accesses your ServiceStack JSON APIs without any external file references with the single <script/> reference:

<script src="/js/servicestack-client.js"></script>

This is used by the updated mix init gists when generating its empty Web Apps:

$ md web && cd web
$ x mix init
$ dotnet run

Where its dep-free /index.html use its JsonServiceClient to call its /hello API:

To call APIs you’ll need to include the JS transpiled DTOs of your Services TypeScript DTOs:

<script src="/js/servicestack-client.js"></script>
    Object.assign(window, window['@servicestack/client']); //import into global namespace

    // generate typed dtos with /typescript-add-servicestack-reference
    var Hello = /** @class */ (function () {
        function Hello(init) { Object.assign(this, init); }
        Hello.prototype.createResponse = function () { return new HelloResponse(); };
        Hello.prototype.getTypeName = function () { return 'Hello'; };
        return Hello;
    var HelloResponse = /** @class */ (function () {
        function HelloResponse(init) { Object.assign(this, init); }
        return HelloResponse;

    var client = new JsonServiceClient();
    client.get(new Hello({ name: val }))
        .then(function(r) {
            document.getElementById('result').innerHTML = r.result;

Although modern browsers (as well as any TypeScript or Webpack project) let you use the much nicer async/await syntax:

let r = await client.get(new Hello({ name: val }))

CDN unpkg

A CDN hosted version of UMD @servicestack/client is available on unpkg.com:

<script src="https://unpkg.com/@servicestack/client/dist/servicestack-client.min.js"></script>