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Explore ServiceStack

If you’re completely new to ServiceStack, the YouTube channel is a great way to explore some of the possibilities easily enabled with ServiceStack:

Explore ServiceStack Apps

A great way to learn new technology is to explore existing Apps built with it, where for ServiceStack you can find a number of simple focused Apps at:

.NET Core Apps

.NET Framework Apps

Sharp Apps

Many Apps are well documented like World Validation which covers how to re-implement a simple Contacts App UI in 10 popular Web Development approaches - all calling the same ServiceStack Services.

ServiceStack is a single code-base implementation that supports .NET’s most popular Server platforms with near perfect source-code compatibility with .NET Core so all .NET Frameworks Apps are still relevant in .NET Core, e.g. the EmailContacts guidance walks through the recommended setup and physical layout structure of typical medium-sized ServiceStack projects, including complete documentation of how to create the solution from scratch, whilst explaining all the ServiceStack features it makes use of along the way.

Sharp Apps

Sharp Apps are a revolutionary new approach to dramatically simplify .NET Web App development with the ultimate simplicity of being able to develop Apps in real-time while it’s running & never needing to build or re-compile Apps. Their inherent simplicity makes it possible to build Gist Desktop Apps they can be run on-the-fly without installation and can be deployed without CI or published assets and updated with a single command.