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License Registration

The ServiceStack license key allows un-restricted access to ServiceStack packages and is available in your My Account Section after purchasing a commercial license.

There are multiple ways of registering your license key, all options only need to be added to your top-level host projects:

a) Add it to your Web.Config or appsettings.json

The easiest way to register your license key is in to copy the servicestack:license appSetting into your Web.config or App.config’s config section, e.g:

    <add key="servicestack:license" value="{licenseKeyText}" />

For ASP.NET Core Apps add it to your appsettings.json instead:

    "servicestack": {
        "license": "{licenseKeyText}"

b) Add it in code before your Application Starts Up

By calling Licensing.RegisterLicense() before your application starts up, E.g. For ASP.NET, place it in the Global.asax Application_Start event:

protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)
    new AppHost().Init();

Otherwise for a self-hosting Console Application, place it before initializing the AppHost, as shown above.

c) Add the System Environment Variable

To simplify license key registration when developing multiple ServiceStack solutions you can register the License Key once in the SERVICESTACK_LICENSE Environment Variable on each pc using ServiceStack libraries:

Variable               Value    

Note: you’ll need to restart IIS or VS.NET for them to pickup any new Environment Variables.

d) Copy license key text into an external text file

Similar to above, we can register the license from an external plain-text file containing the license key text, e.g:

protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)
    new AppHost().Init();

For Self-Hosting set the BuildAction to Copy if Newer and use “~/license.txt”.MapAbsolutePath() extension method.

Note: the license key is white-space insensitive so can be broken up over multiple lines.