ServiceStack's AGPL/FLOSS Exception allows free usage of ServiceStack's Source Code on GitHub in OSS projects without a commercial license.

Linking to Source projects

In order to get the best source-based development experience using the latest version of ServiceStack in your Projects, clone the ServiceStack Repos you want to use:

Then reference the *.Source.csproj of each project you want to reference in your solution.

This approach is used in our Test.csproj allowing us to debug directly into ServiceStack library source code just like any other project reference in our solution.

Use Local Libraries

Each ServiceStack Repo has a .sln in its /src folder you can use to build all libraries in each repo. These libraries can be copied to a local lib folder and included as .dll references.

Use Local NuGet packages

As each ServiceStack project is a standard .csproj, you can alternatively choose to build and reference NuGet packages instead:

$ dotnet pack -c Release <project>.csproj

Use build.proj to generate all packages

Each repo has a /build/build.proj that can be run to generate all library NuGet packages in each repo, e.g:

$ msbuild build.proj /property:Configuration=Release;MinorVersion=<MINOR>;PatchVersion=1

Which can be referenced as a local Nuget package feed.

OSS License Key

OSS projects building from source can use the OSS License Key below to allow unrestricted usage in their OSS projects:


Which can be registered using any of ServiceStack's license registration options.