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VB.NET Resources

There are some nostalgic developers who prefer not to leave their VB.NET days behind them, luckily they blog so other VB.NET developers can easily follow in their footsteps:

VB .NET Core Project

You can create a new VB .NET Core project in a new empty directory using the x dotnet tool with:

$ dotnet tool install --global x 
$ mkdir ProjectName && cd ProjectName
$ x mix init-vb
$ dotnet run

Which will download the init-vb Gist to your local directory where you can use its dep-free /index.html and its JsonServiceClient to call its /hello API:

VB .NET Core Auth + File Uploads Example

The vb-auth VB.NET .NET Core project created with x dotnet tool:

$ mkdir ProjectName && cd ProjectName
$ x mix init-vb

Configured with OrmLite + SQL Server, ServiceStack Auth including Login & Registration UIs & integrated JWT Auth showing how to manage file uploads for authenticated users.

Plain static HTML Pages + JavaScript UI

No client or server UI Frameworks or external dependencies were used in this example which uses only Vanilla JS and functionality in the Embedded UMD @servicestack/client.

E.g. the client HTML UI & Backend Service implementation for the Authenticated HTTP File Upload Management functionality is in:

JWT Auth

JWT Authentication is enabled at authentication where the UseTokenCookie parameter directs ServiceStack to capture the Authenticated Session in a stateless JWT Session Cookie:

<form action="/auth/credentials" method="post">
    <input type="hidden" name="UseTokenCookie" value="true" />

TypeScript Generated DTOs

TypeScript Add ServiceStack Reference were used to generate the Typed DTOs which can be re-generated with:

$ cd wwwroot
$ x ts && tsc dtos.ts

Community Resources