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Thanks to the simplicity, elegance, strong typing and philosophy of both solutions, FSharp and ServiceStack are quickly becoming a popular choice for creating friction-less REST and message-based remote services.

Complete F# Console Self-Host Example

open System
open ServiceStack

type Hello = { mutable Name: string; }
type HelloResponse = { mutable Result: string; }
type HelloService() =
    interface IService
    member this.Any (req:Hello) = { Result = "Hello, " + req.Name }

//Define the Web Services AppHost
type AppHost =
    inherit AppSelfHostBase
    new() = { inherit AppSelfHostBase("Hi F#!", typeof<HelloService>.Assembly) }
    override this.Configure container =
            .Add<Hello>("/hello/{Name}") |> ignore

//Run it!
let main args =
    let host = if args.Length = 0 then "http://*:1337/" else args.[0]
    printfn "listening on %s ..." host
    let appHost = new AppHost()
    appHost.Init() |> ignore
    appHost.Start host |> ignore
    Console.ReadLine() |> ignore

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