Redis Admin Desktop App

Redis Admin UI is a App that lets you manage your App's configured Redis Server with a user-friendly UX for managing core Redis data types, simple search functionality to quickly find Redis values, quick navigation between related values, 1st class support for JSON values and a flexible CLI interface and command history to inspect all previously run redis commands for easy edits & reruns.

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Launch as a stand-alone Desktop App by Installing .NET SDK and the Windows Desktop App tool:

powershell iwr -useb | iex

After install, open the Redis Admin Desktop from your browser at:

Or from the command-line with:

app open redis

Run headless on macOS, Linux and Windows

Non Windows OS can install the cross-platform x dotnet tool:

dotnet tool install -g x

Then launch from Command Line with:

x open redis

Where you can view it with your preferred browser at http://localhost:5000