Redis Stats

The RedisStats class provides better visibility and introspection into your running instances:

TotalCommandsSent Total number of commands sent
TotalFailovers Number of times the Redis Client Managers have FailoverTo() either by sentinel or manually
TotalDeactivatedClients Number of times a Client was deactivated from the pool, either by FailoverTo() or exceptions on client
TotalFailedSentinelWorkers Number of times connecting to a Sentinel has failed
TotalForcedMasterFailovers Number of times we've forced Sentinel to failover to another master due to consecutive errors
TotalInvalidMasters Number of times a connecting to a reported Master wasn't actually a Master
TotalNoMastersFound Number of times no Masters could be found in any of the configured hosts
TotalClientsCreated Number of Redis Client instances created with RedisConfig.ClientFactory
TotalClientsCreatedOutsidePool Number of times a Redis Client was created outside of pool, either due to overflow or reserved slot was overridden
TotalSubjectiveServersDown Number of times Redis Sentinel reported a Subjective Down (sdown)
TotalObjectiveServersDown Number of times Redis Sentinel reported an Objective Down (odown)
TotalRetryCount Number of times a Redis Request was retried due to Socket or Retryable exception
TotalRetrySuccess Number of times a Request succeeded after it was retried
TotalRetryTimedout Number of times a Retry Request failed after exceeding RetryTimeout
TotalPendingDeactivatedClients Total number of deactivated clients that are pending being disposed

Redis Stats in Admin UI Dashboard

These Stats are displayed in the Admin UI Dashboard

Log to Console

Alternatively you can get and print a dump of all the stats at anytime with:


And Reset all Stats back to 0 with RedisStats.Reset().