Creator Kit

Creator Kit

Everything you need

Grow your on-site community

CreatorKit offers all the tools you need to reach and retain users, from managing subscriber mailing lists to moderating a feature-rich comments system

Mailing List Subscriptions.
Collect and manage subscribers for your Newsletters and other Contact Mailing Lists.
Email Templates.
Create email templates utilizing a powerful #Script .NET templating system with layouts, partials & live previews.
Rich Emails.
Send plain-text or rich HTML emails with built-in Markdown editor, save email drafts and preview generated emails.
Simple Integrations.
Effortlessly integrate beautiful Tailwind Components into your existing site with simple, customizable progressive markup
Content Moderation.
Moderation tools for deleting or flagging unwanted comments, action reported comments by temporarily or permanent banning repeat offenders
Newsletter generation.
Save time with automatic Newsletter generation from including new content added to your static Razor SSG websites.

Start capturing your audience's engagement.

Download, customize CreatorKit to your brand and start building an engaged community around your website content today!