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Angular Project Templates

Angular is the premier JavaScript framework developed by Google for building applications that live on the web, mobile, or the desktop.

Angular .NET Core and .NET Framework Single Page App Templates

The templates below have been bootstrapped with the latest angular-cli tooling that’s seamlessly integrated into ServiceStack’s Recommended Physical Project Structure.

See the documentation in each project for more info on features of each template:

Angular 9 SPA Template

.NET 5.0 Angular 9 project generated with Angular CLI.

Browse source code, view live demo angular-spa.web-templates.io and install with x new:

Create new Angular Project for .NET 5.0:

$ x new angular-spa ProjectName

Create new Angular Project for .NET Framework:

$ x new angular-spa-netfx ProjectName

Angular HTTP Client

The Angular template uses Angular’s built-in Rx-enabled HTTP Client with ServiceStack’s ambient TypeScript declarations, as it’s often preferable to utilize Angular’s built-in dependencies when available.

ServiceStack’s ambient TypeScript interfaces are leveraged to enable a Typed API, whilst the createUrl(route,args) helper lets you reuse your APIs Route definitions (emitted in comments above each Request DTO) to provide a pleasant UX for making API calls using Angular’s HTTP Client:

import { createUrl } from '@servicestack/client';

this.http.get<HelloResponse>(createUrl('/hello/{Name}', { name })).subscribe(r => {
    this.result = r.result;

Angular4 and Material Design Lite SPA Template

.NET 5.0 Angular4 and Material Design Lite Webpack App Template:

Browse source code, view Live Demo angular-lite-spa.web-templates.io and install with x new:

Create new Angular 4 Project for .NET 5.0:

$ x new angular-lite-spa ProjectName

Create new Angular 4 Project for .NET Framework:

$ x new angular-lite-spa-netfx ProjectName

Angular Examples


TechStacks is an AngularJS App that lets you explore TechStacks of popular StartUps using your favorite techology



TechStacks is based on a Bootstrap template with client-side features:

and some of TechStacks back-end features include: