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React Project Templates

React is a very popular JavaScript Library developed by Facebook to simplify creating complex UIs through use of declarative encapsulated components which can be used to build both Web and Native iOS/Android Applications with React Native.

React .NET Core and .NET Framework Single Page App Templates

The templates below have been seamlessly integrated into ServiceStack’s Recommended Physical Project Structure.

See the documentation in each project for more info on features of each template:

React 16 SPA Template

Bootstrapped with create-react-app.

Live Demo: react-spa.web-templates.io

Create new React 16 Project for .NET 5.0:

$ x new react-spa ProjectName

Create new React 16 Project for .NET Framework:

$ x new react-spa-netfx ProjectName

React Desktop Apps Template

The React Desktop Template is a single VS .NET template which supports packaging your Web App into 4 different ASP.NET, Winforms, OSX Cocoa and cross-platform Console App Hosts:

Live Demo: react-desktop-apps-netfx.web-templates.io

Create new React Project for .NET Framework:

$ x new react-desktop-apps-netfx ProjectName

React Examples

Gistlyn - a C# Gist IDE powered by Roslyn

Gistlyn is the ultimate collaborative tool for trying out and exploring C# and .NET libraries on NuGet from a zero install - modern browser. It’s ideal for use as a companion tool for trying out libraries during development or on the go from the comfort of your iPad by going to gistlyn.com.

Live Demo: gistlyn.com

Web, Node.js and React Native ServerEvents Apps

Using TypeScript ServerEvents Client to create real-time Web, node.js server and React Native Mobile Apps:

React Chat

React Chat is a port of ServiceStack Chat ES5, jQuery Server Events demo into a TypeScript, React and Redux App:

Developed using the latest TypeScript + Redux + JSPM + Gulp VS.NET Template

Networked Time Traveller Shape Creator

A network-enhanced version of the stand-alone Time Traveller Shape Creator that allows users to connect to and watch other users using the App in real-time similar to how users can use Remote Desktop to watch another computer’s screen:

Live demo: http://redux.servicestack.net

The client code required to enable real-time communication is encapsulated within a single React Connect component whilst the server implementation is only comprised of 2 simple Server Event Services that lets users publish their actions to a channel or send a direct message to another User.

Redis React

Redis React is a simple user-friendly UI for browsing data in Redis servers that leverages the navigation and deep-linking benefits of a Web-based UI, the productivity and responsiveness of the React framework and deep Integration possible from a Native App.

Downloads for Windows, OSX, Linux and Web

React Chat Desktop

A port of React Chat built with the new React Desktop Apps VS.NET template and packaged into a native Desktop App for Windows and OSX. It takes advantage of Server Events to enable synchronized real-time control of multiple Windows Apps:

Downloads for Windows, OSX, Linux and Web

React Desktop Apps

React Desktop Apps take advantage of the adaptability, navigation and deep-linking benefits of a Web-based UI, the productivity and responsiveness of the React framework, the performance, rich features and functionality contained in ServiceStack and the .NET Framework combined with the native experience and OS Integration possible from a Native Desktop App - all within a single VS .NET template!

React Desktop Apps

Downloads for Windows, OSX, Linux and Web