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Run ASP.NET Core Apps on the .NET Framework

Use the NetFrameworkCoreTemplates to create ASP.NET Core Apps on the .NET Framework which contains popular starting templates for running ASP.NET Core Apps on .NET Framework (default v4.7) which as a convention all have the -corefx suffix:

This will let you create an ASP.NET Core App running on the .NET Framework v4.7 with:

$ npm install -g @servicestack/cli

$ dotnet-new web-corefx AcmeNetFx

Which can then be opened in your preferred VS.NET or Project Rider C# IDE.

Reference .Core packages

The primary difference between ASP.NET Core Apps on .NET Core 2.1 vs .NET Framework is needing to reference the .Core packages to force referencing ServiceStack .NET Standard 2.0 libraries, which otherwise when installed in a .NET Framework project would install net45 libraries. The differences between the 2 builds include:

In order to run ASP.NET Core Apps on the .NET Framework it needs to only reference .Core NuGet packages which contains only the .NET Standard 2.0 builds. Currently the list of .Core packages which contains only .NET Standard 2.0 builds include:

Ultimately support for whether a .NET Standard 2.0 library will run on the .NET Framework depends on whether external dependencies also support this scenario which as it’s a more niche use-case, will be a less tested scenario.