20 Feb

Install ServiceStack Web Service Framework via NuGet

To make it easier for developers to get started we're now maintaining NuGet packages for ServiceStack and its components.

So if you have NuGet installed, the easiest way to get started is to create a new ASP.NET Web Application and install the ServiceStack package:

Install-Package ServiceStack

This automates the following manual steps:

  • Add the ServiceStack dlls to your standard VS.NET ASP.NET Web Application
  • Register the ServiceStack handler in your Web.Config
  • Configure your AppHost
  • Create a Hello web service
  • Create a TODO RESTful web service

Although we believe this to be a popular starting point, it is not the only one as we have examples of Windows Services, Stand-alone Console Hosts, Hosting together with an existing web framework at a Custom Path - Templates available in the /StarterTemplates folder in the ServiceStack.Examples project.

NuGet ServiceStack.Text

Downloadable separately from ServiceStack itself is it's string powers. Inside ServiceStack.Text are some of .NET's fastest Text Serializers:

Install-Package ServiceStack.Text

NuGet ServiceStack.Redis

With a hope to introduce more .NET developers to the high-performance and productive NoSQL worlds, we also include a full-featured C# Redis client allowing you to build complete apps with it. Redis is the fastest NoSQL database in the world that is capable of achieving about 110000 SETs and 81000 GETs per second.

The C# Redis Client features:

For .NET developers new to Redis, we invite you to check out the following tutorials:

Install-Package ServiceStack.Redis

NuGet ServiceStack.OrmLite

When you're developing small to medium systems and you don't need the features of an advanced heavy-weight ORM, you're sometimes better off with a fast, light-weight POCO ORM. OrmLite fills this niche, where it's just a set of lightweight extension methods on .NET's ADO.NET System.Data interfaces that non-invasively works off POCO's.

It's primary feature over other ORMs is its auto-support for blobs where any complex property is automatically persisted in a schema-less text blob using ServiceStack.Text's fast TypeSerializer. This allows you to persist most web service requests and responses directly into an RDBMS as-is without the tedious tasks of configuring tables, ORM and mapping files.

Currently OrmLite comes in SQLite and SQL Server RDBMS's flavors and each are downloadable separately via NuGet:

Install-Package ServiceStack.OrmLite.SqlServer

For Sqlite 32 and 64bit embedded .NET libraries are available:

Install-Package ServiceStack.OrmLite.Sqlite32

Install-Package ServiceStack.OrmLite.Sqlite64

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