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Configuration Options

As you might have seen in the last tutorials, the main configuration is made in the app host Configure method.

//Set JSON web services to return idiomatic JSON camelCase properties	
ServiceStack.Text.JsConfig.EmitCamelCaseNames = true;
//Change the default ServiceStack configuration
Feature disableFeatures = Feature.Jsv | Feature.Soap;
SetConfig(new HostConfig {
    EnableFeatures = Feature.All.Remove(disableFeatures), //all formats except of JSV and SOAP
    DebugMode = true, //Show StackTraces in service responses during development
    WriteErrorsToResponse = false, //Disable exception handling
    DefaultContentType = MimeTypes.Json, //Change default content type
    AllowJsonpRequests = true //Enable JSONP requests
Property name Default value Description
EnableFeatures Feature.All Defines the formats which the webservice should understand
DebugMode false If true, stack traces will be shown in service responses during development
WriteErrorsToResponse true  
DefaultContentType MimeTypes.Json  
AllowJsonpRequests true  
GlobalResponseHeaders   Sets global headers which will be added to every request response. (Example)

Note: DebugMode should be set to false in production because of security reasons!


To ensure every ServiceStack service uses the same Global Logger, set it before you initialize ServiceStack’s AppHost, e.g:

  LogManager.LogFactory = new DebugLogFactory(); 
  new AppHost().Init();